Resident information

As a local resident or business there may be some disruption to your day during the race event.
To help you minimise this disruption please consider the information below and look at the links to the
various pages for more information.

The date

The event is on Sunday 30th September 2018, please make a note of this date, consider your plans for the day and if the event will affect them or not.

Things can change

Please check the website for any changes before the day and be patient with the race teams on the ground, most of them are volunteers from local charities, clubs and organisations who have volunteered their time to assist the runners and help you if they can, they may not know the answers to all of your questions but will do their best and may have to pass your details onto the event organisers.

Plan your journey

Whether the race is coming to your area or not there are many parts of the City that are affected by road closures and restrictions for part of the day. The race starts at 9.30am so most road closures or restrictions will be in place before then, a list of the all the roads affected and the times involved will be posted at a later date.

Don't panic If you really need to be somewhere, if you're a care worker, meals on wheels, you're getting married or have a Ruby Wedding Anniversary party – something that clearly can't change the race organisers will do everything in their power to help you get to where you need to be. However we need to know that now, as on race day it may be too late.

Please call 0778 813 7117 or email:

Be proud of your City

This is the 38th year the Nottingham Marathon Events has been running, not many Cities can say that. It is a testament to the people who live here. During these 38 years the event has raised millions for local Charities, brought hundreds of thousands of new people to the City and contributed millions to your economy. We encourage you to embrace the day, get out onto the streets and support the runners, yes there will be disruption to your normal Sunday life but it's one day a year and really something you can be proud of.

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