Finisher Bags

Finisher Bag Sampling

We are offering a unique opportunity for you to sample a new or existing product, promote a special offer or your brand in the Ikano Bank Robin Hood Marathon, Half Marathon or Mini Marathon Finisher Bags.

Sampling in the Finishers bag is a great way for you to reach a mass audience and provides a targeted campaign in one day for brands wishing to reach fit, health-conscious men, women and children. Sampling in the Finishers Bag at this fantastic event allows you to engage your brand directly with runners of all ages as well as with spectators, volunteers and charities.

Showcase your brand or product and engage with new or existing customers on a 'try before you buy' basis, shaping consumer attitudes towards your brand.

There are three opportunities available:

Runners look forward to receiving their Finisher Bag at the end of the race and seeing what rewards are waiting for them, be part of this popular event and forge an emotional connection and lasting relationship with our runners (and their friends and family) who will associate your brand with having helped them experience such a memorable day.

Items which have previously sampled in our Finishers Bag include: Product/Event/Brand literature (leaflets), Energy Bars, Cereal, Sweets, Condiments and Household Goods

We look to provide products to our runners which have a benefit to their health, fitness and well-being but will consider any item that may be of interest to our participants.

If you are interested and want to find out more please email

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