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George Anderson

George Anderson



George Anderson is editor of the blog, creator of online nutrition, training & lifestyle program It's Not About The Scales, and author of the Amazon best seller Beginner's Luck Guide for Non-Runners.

He has partnered with the Reading Half Marathon since 2003 and the Robin Hood Marathon & Half Marathon since 2012, running the team of pacemakers, taking the pre-race warm up and helping runners with their training.

In 2014 George ran 10 back to back marathons, and in June 2015 ran 100 miles in 23 hours at Endure24.

My name is George Anderson, the training advisor with the event and I've got some great news for you: racing a half or full marathon is actually the easy bit. You'll be full of the race-day buzz, having built up to the moment for weeks or months. You'll be roared on by the crowd and your own personal goals will be vividly driving you forwards in your mind. You’ll likely be filled with all sorts of fantastic & positive emotions, and within a few short hours of the gun going off, you'll be sitting in a bar somewhere with a medal around your neck and a smile on your face.

The race is the easy bit. Preparing for an endurance event like a full or half marathon is the biggest challenge. If you want to do your best on September 24 it's going to take a little discipline, a lot of effort and an unstoppable torrent of motivation. Because when you're putting in the miles at 7am on a Sunday morning there's nobody out there cheering you on and no medal at the end. But don't worry... I've got your back.

Perfect preparation is about two simple things:

Some runners will do too much of #1, and go out training every day then burn out or get injured Others will do too much of #2, and get to race day without having done enough training. But the smart runners like you will do just the right amount of training, balanced with enough recovery & supportive body conditioning, and fuelled by the right nutrition and will be unstoppable on race day.

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